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Transition Belt (Brown)

27,000 MT

Buckle: 5.5cm

Belt: 2.5cm

Materials: Transition Logo . Buckle made from brass with a golden bath. Italian Leather .


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Additional information

Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 5.5 cm
Length (cm)

65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115


Taibo Bacar


Instructions for use

  • No machine-washing or hand-washing is permitted.
  • Do not use any kind of chemical on the bag.
  • Avoid storing in closed damp places.
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects in or on the bag
  • The skin used is natural, the presence of irregularities in texture and thickness are normal. These should not be seen as a defect, but as natural characteristics of skin.

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